Rain? What rain?

It is getting towards the end of a somewhat soggy year.  Ofsted have been and gone, leaving us with an ‘Outstanding’ grading; the new Year 3s are nearly Year 4s, the Year 6s were brilliant at Calshot, with their SATs and in the magnificent ‘Memories’.  The marvellous Miss Day became Mrs Piper, unfortunately her stay with us will be all too brief as she moves to a new school at the end of term. And yes, it has rained…lots…but you wouldn’t neccessarily know by looking at this end of year photo album.

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Author visit – Paul Geraghty

Awesome author inspires school!

We were very fortunate to have the talented and inspiring author and illustrator Paul Geraghty visiting our school.  His visit was not only to spend time talking about his work but also to endorse our new Reading Diary.

He started off by telling us stories about his amazing childhood and his fascinating dreams.  His childhood years were spent in South Africa.  His experiences there, especially encountering lots of wonderful wildlife, inspired him to write and illustrate his books.  He also took us on a verbal adventure and made us fly!

paul geraghty 0401 300x200 Author visit Paul Geraghty









Whilst drawing a picture, Paul Geraghty told us a story about a dinosaur called Talon.  He also told us a story about a frog called ‘Hoppameleon’.  Also, Mr. Geraghty let us in to a little secret – in every book you will find a frog somewhere.


paul geraghty 065 300x200 Author visit Paul Geraghty









He showed us some of his actual illustrations and rough drawings which we all thought were ‘brilliant’!  It was at this point that he taught us about the different parts of books.  We learnt about the ‘gutter’, ‘spine’, ‘bleed’ and the DPS (double page spread).



paul geraghty 051 300x200 Author visit Paul Geraghty

paul geraghty 0431 300x200 Author visit Paul Geraghty









Finally we were able to buy some of his books and he signed them all with a personal and funny message.  ‘It was an amazing and inspirational day’.



paul geraghty 0762 300x200 Author visit Paul Geraghty







paul geraghty 070 300x200 Author visit Paul Geraghty











Meonstoke Base

September 23rd 2011


Paul Geraghty is funny, hilarious, imaginative, interesting, talented, ridiculous, inspiring, fascinating, fantastic, amusing, wicked, awesome and amazing.

Five stars!



Droxford Cricket Success!

On Friday 10th June our school cricket team travelled to Hambledon Cricket Club to play in a tournament. Our first match was played in a rainstorm and then, luckily, the sun came out and everyone had a great time. Thank you to Mr. Toogood and Hambledon Cricket Club for organising such a brilliant afternoon’s cricket. We had great support from parents, family and friends too- thank you for supporting us!

In our first match we played Hart Plain

In a torrential downpour, Droxford went into bat first and scored 131 runs, Hart Plain 113

Droxford won by 18 runs.

In match 2 we played Bosmere

In a tight game, Droxford batted first and scored 145 runs for the loss of just 1 wicket. Bosmere scored 137 for the loss of 4 wickets. (Becca took two wickets in an over!)

Droxford won by 8 runs.

Match 3 versus Clanfield

This was an even tighter game!!! Clanfield batted first and scored 135 for the loss of two wickets. At the start of the last over the scores were level. The two Tom’s scored two runs and the last ball missed Tom’s bat and… luckily… the stumps… so Droxford scored 137 for 1 wicket.

Droxford won by 2 runs.

Match 4 v Purbrook

Droxford batted first and scored 147 runs for the loss of four wickets. Tom hit four fours in one over! Purbrook scored 123 for the loss of 3 wickets.

Droxford won by 14 runs.


Well done to everyone for playing with such great team spirit, showing such a great sporting attitude, and for winning the tournament!!!

Frisbee Fun Taster Day

We had a fantastic day learning some new frisbee skills and playing small sided games.

Upper School Fairground Rides

Last term Year 5 and 6 created Fairground Rides as our DT project. We had to create a design booklet with accurate measurements, construct our frames and add a working mechanism. It took a lot of teamwork, patience and skill to achieve a successful ride. We used Flowgo boxes to link them to the computer and control them remotely.

Reported by Year 6

Year 4 residential visit at Tile Barn, New Forest.

Year 4 have recently spent a few days in the New Forest on a residential visit.  It was a complete success and everybody had a wonderful time.  The children experienced a range of challenging teambuilding and sport activities including climbing and Archery.  There was also a long hike in the woods and lots cooking and cleaning to be done!

DSC 00620062 200x300 Year 4 residential visit at Tile Barn, New Forest.

Rising to the challenge and being persistent!

DSC 00850085 300x200 Year 4 residential visit at Tile Barn, New Forest.

Practising climbing skills.

DSC 00680068 200x300 Year 4 residential visit at Tile Barn, New Forest.

Checking the ropes are all secure!

DSC 01050105 300x200 Year 4 residential visit at Tile Barn, New Forest.

Teambuilding activities needs effective teamwork.

DSC 01180118 200x300 Year 4 residential visit at Tile Barn, New Forest.

A key life skill!

DSC 01840184 200x300 Year 4 residential visit at Tile Barn, New Forest.

With clean hands i hope!

DSC 01930193 200x300 Year 4 residential visit at Tile Barn, New Forest.

Communicate and co-operate to succeed!

DSC 01590159 Year 4 residential visit at Tile Barn, New Forest.

After an informative, interesting and fun walk led by Mr Dampier we posed under an enormous 200 year old Beech tree.  Cheese!

Caribbean Day

The School Council raised £140 for the  St Lucia Disaster Fund. This will help families rebuild their lives following the destruction caused by Hurricane Tomas.

They sold fruit cocktails!


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